Affirmations powerful tool

 Affirmation is positive thoughts, words and sentences/phrases that you say to yourself to make yourself feel better, when you feeling something negative. And after saying this affirmation you don’t just feel positive but environment surround you also change. You attract what you say.

Affirmation is easy and very effective tool of mind power. I remember once celebrity boxer Muhammad Ali said that the repetition of affirmations leads to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen


  Affirmation usage is not about covering up what you are thinking or believing, or pretending to act or be something you are not within this movement

 Affirmations are tool which allows you to focus your mind and your energies on that which you are want to bring into creation. Truth, if you will, that you have simply decided to not focus on for a time, and have  allowed to wither around you.

For it may seem odd to have human repeat phrase (affirmation) over and over again, in some strange attempt to be or act like something they are not believing within them. And yet…. they are much more than that.


In mind power affirmation tool works with some techniques. It has some criteria to be followed. By repeating positive affirmation it brings change in your life.

How to use affirmation:

There are different schools of thought on the exact method which work best for applying affirmation to your life. Here are some of them which I am aware and you may try any that seem to suit your taste. I suggest trying each method until your find your preferences.

Tip#1 Writing them down method

 Writing affirmations is widely-used. Many prefer this method, science it can be done with little or no discomfort, and is a reasonably quiet way to work. The quiet factor comes in handy when doing affirmation around other people.


With any affirmation use, the more repetitions, the better, as long as you are feeling positive emotions when using them. If the idea of doing 10 repetitions makes you cranky, don’t do that many. Your energy vibration is always important especially with affirmation use. A good rule of thumb is usually at least 3-10 per affirmation, per setting.

You may write each affirmation the complete 3-10 times, and then more onto the next one, or you may write different affirmations one after the other, and then began at the top of your list again.

Tip #2 Typing them on a computer method

This method is similar to the above method, but somewhat faster (assuming you can write). In this instance, I would recommend at least 20 repetitions of each affirmation (unless you are a very slow typist, in which case, stick with the 10).

I know of many people who type affirmations at work when they are feeling low. They spend a couple of minutes typing their favourite affirmations into a word processing computer program, clear their computer screen, then begin working on a new document.

When typing the affirmation for this book, I found myself more positive on a regular basis, so I know this technique works.