Brainware Solutions

Brainware Solutions - a Brain Development Company, is an organization which brings a meaningful transformation and a positive change in the life of every human being by exploring their brain potential. It was established in September 2011, in PUNE, Maharastra.

We are pioneer in B2B (Business to Business) in DMIT Mid-Brain industry. As of today, there are around 500 DMIT companies in India, but we are the unique in all.

We at Brainware Solutions believe that every human being is born with an unlimited potential. But, most people go to their grave using just 5% of their potential and 95% of their real potential is taken along with them to their grave.What a colossal waste of Human Talent! We at Brainware Solutions also believe that human potential is like an Iceberg, only 10% is visible and the rest 90% remains hidden inside. Brainware Solutions strives to help people exploit their hidden potential and make them achieve their goals in life.

Brainware Solutions has taken the Mission to empower everybody believe in human potential more than God because there is nobody in this world who is not capable of doing more than he thinks he can. Often, people underestimate their capacity of setting & achieving big goals.

If they can make penicillin out of a moldy bread then Brainware Solutions can surely make something great out of you; believe in yourself! Life has no limitations except the ones you make. Remember, knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. And unless you try to do something beyond you have already mastered, you will not grow because God does not ask about your ability but your availability. And natural potential without education has often taken people to glory & virtue, than education without natural potential.