Meditation Mantras

      In Meditation Mantras the word mantra comes from the ancient Sanskrit language. Man means “mind,” and tra means “release.” So a mantra is a combination of transcendental sounds meant to release the mind from all the anxieties of material life.

Today the word ‘mantra’ can mean any word that is repeated over and over, but a real mantra is a sacred sound syllable – an ancient word or sound which helps the mind to reach a higher consciousness.  This powerful sound vibration is sometimes compared to a key that opens a specific lock. This can be done out loud (chanting), in your mind, or in some combination of the two. In many spiritual paths, you can’t just arbitrarily pick a mantra – your spiritual mentor or guru assigns one to you according to your phase of spiritual development and then later changes it in intervals as you grow. In other forms of meditation, spiritual or not, you pick a mantra from a given list of phrases that are thought to resonate positively.

  Using a Meditation Mantras while you’re meditating helps suppress the thoughts and distractions that arise and gives you a tool to use when you’re not meditating. Repeating a meditation mantra during times of stress, for many people, brings about some relaxation and helps them to better deal with whatever the crisis of the moment is. Depending on your belief system, the mantras may also do things like get you in touch with the true nature of the universe, help you spiritually closer to God, and/or activate energy centers.

You should know the Meditation Mantras meaning, benefits and the proper way of using it, before you chant it. This way you can easily choose the mantra that is best for you.


1. Om Mantra or "AUM" 

This single word produces the sound and vibration which allows you to feel at one with the universe. 

It is considered so divine in Hinduism that they place it before and after every other Mantra. 

Benefits Of The OM Mantra

  • Chanting of the Om Mantra purifies the environment around you and creates positive vibrations.

  • The Om not only benefits the person who is chanting it but also to the people around them wherever its vibrations flow.

  • It cleanses your aura.

  • It can place you in a meditational state which gives you deep relaxation.

  • Your concentration increases when you chant this universal hymn.

  • The OM chanting removes toxin from your body. It is said to give you better immunity and self-healing power.

  • It improves your concentration and helps you focus on whatever your goals may be.

  • The OM chanting actually improves your voice by giving strength to your vocal cords and the muscles around it. This is very helpful during old age.

  • The OM chanting produces a vibration and sound which is felt through your vocal cords and sinuses. The vibrations open up the sinuses to clear the airways.

  • The Om Mantra has cardiovascular benefits - by relaxing our mind and body, our blood pressure will decrease and our heart will beat with regular rhythm. 

  • Through chanting and meditation, you can have better control over your emotions, thus allowing you to see situations with a clear and rational mind. 

  • Regular chanting of this Mantra will take you on a spiritual journey to greater happiness and positivity, but only if it is done daily for a longer period of time. Mantras are not and overnight fix to your problems - you must have patience and learn the correct techniques.

  • When the OM Mantra is chanted in a group, the effects are amplified and this will produce immense positive vibrations which charge up the entire vicinity.

  • Some people have also claimed to lose weight through OM chanting as it puts your entire body in a heightened state of sensitivity - its vibrations are thought to stimulate your metabolism which would lead to weight loss.

  • It has been our experience that Om can even help cleanse your skin. The massive levels of internal positive energy and a cleansed aura that come from chanting the Om Mantra regularly will be reflected externally with a sunny glow on your face and body.

  • Your spinal cord is strengthened through the vibrations caused by sound of Aaaa. As this sound is generated from abdomen, it helps to strenthen the supporting muscles of the spinal cord.

  • The sound uuu is created by vocal cords which benefit the thyroid glands and the throat.

  • It is said that rubbing your hands together while OM chanting and putting those charged hands on different parts of body heals or activates those body parts.

  • If those energy charged hands are put on your eyes, your eye sight will start improving.

You can use these Mantras for meditation too, in result these will make your concentration very powerful.  Even if you are stressed, have a heavy workload on you or tension and depression are making your life difficult, they will give you inner peace.

2. Gayatri Mantra (Meditation Mantras)

The Gayatri practice was secret for thousands of years.

Om Bhur Buvaha Svaha
Tat Savithur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayath

TIP — Correct pronunciation is important to direct the energy to activate the proper centers inside yourself. V in Sanskrit is SOMETIMES enunciated W as in Svaha (Swaha).

Meaning: We meditate upon the radiant Divine Light
of that adorable Sun of Spiritual Consciousness;
May it awaken our intuition consciousness.


  1. Removes obstacles from your life
  2. Protects you from danger
  3. Brightens you mind
  4. Dispels ignorance
  5. Improves communication abilities
  6. Opens your psychic vision
  7. Brings direct knowledge of the eternal truths

Advanced Gayatri Mantra Meditation

Take this practice to a higher level by visualizing brilliant, luminous light appearing at one of two centers inside yourself while chanting.

    Your pineal gland at the base of your brain. See a brilliant ball or crystal of luminous light form, expand and become permanent. It grows as you practice Gayatri Meditation Mantras regularly.
    Your Thymus gland high in the center of your chest. Do the same visualization as in number one above.

Tip: A good meditation teacher can give you an initiation that will open these Soul Centers for you, exploding this practice into life for you instantly.

Chanting Gayatri Meditation Mantras may bring immense, practical benefits into your life as well as grant you the ability to become eternal, luminous light.